HERC can produce Identification Cards for your school’s students and faculty in the HERC office.  We will take your picture and hand the cards to you immediately.  If you need professionally made, “credit card” quality ID Cards, we can make them at a nominal fee.  These cards can be used as official identification when needed. (We may need authorization from your school to make you a card.) Contact us if you need ID cards.




Our professional Educational Counselors are ready to support your homeschooling efforts when you need us. You can have us serve you in many different capacities such as evaluations, consultations, curriculum, diagnostic testing, tutoring, special needs, record keeping, transcripts, and grade reports. Some fees apply.  We are trained high school counselors who can provide you with any service you need to ensure a quality high school education, and college/career preparation. See Educational Services for more information. Your first half hour of evaluation consultation with us is free, so make your appointment today.  Contact us.




Please save your old printer cartridges for us! We will turn them into useful items for the HERC office community. Just drop them off at the office. Thank you!




The HERC Office is located on the campus of the Calvary Chapel Westbrook, 6501 Schirra Court, Suite 204, Bakersfield, CA 93313. Our counselors can meet with you in the office to discuss your homeschooling needs if you want to make an appointment. Free information about homeschooling, homeschooling catalogs, homeschooling support groups, college information, testing information, and much more is available in the office. We also have past yearbooks for sale and other useful information. The office is generally open when classes are in session. If you contact us, we will meet you at a convenient time.




The Reference Library is located in the HERC Office and is open to HERC members for browsing.  We have hundreds of types of curriculum that you can look through to your heart’s content until you find something that appeals to you--Wonderful for those who are beginning homeschooling.  We accept donations to our library and the first of every type of curriculum we have will be placed on the shelf as reference.  Every duplicate of any reference material will be loaned as curriculum to our members.  We do not generally keep fiction books that can be found in the local libraries unless they are out of print or hard to find.




The Curriculum Library is our Loaning Library.  Books can be loaned from this library for up to a year for any HERC member.  We have hundreds of books that can be loaned as people have been donating them for over 8 years to make this happen and we have also purchased books in quantity from Christian schools which have closed their doors.  We are anxious to loan them to you.  Many of our books are loaned at no charge to our students who are taking classes, on a first come, first served basis.




HERC provides an information e-mail network that brings you information that is pertinent to you. If you want to get on the e-mail list or update your information on the list, contact herc411@hotmail.com  or eternityinmyheart@bak.rr.com




Every year HERC offers a scholarship to to any homeschooled senior whose family has been a HERC member during his/her high school years. The scholarship is not need based.  The Legacy Scholarship Applications need to be submitted in April. Please contact us for application information and forms.




HERC has produced a high quality document called the “Legacy Yearbook” for several years. We believe that this is a way to document your child’s activities that may be important should you ever have to prove they were in a class or involved in other activities. Previous issues of the yearbook are available as long as supplies last at the HERC library and new editions of the Yearbook are available in May. Business Ads support the yearbook and are encouraged from the homeschooling community. For information about how to be on the yearbook staff, to volunteer as an adult yearbook advisor,  or submit an ad, contact us.




We believe in the Creationist doctrine of six 24-hour days in Genesis.  We have many DVDs, videos and books that we can loan to members to better educate your families.  We accept donations to this worthy cause including Technical Journals and creation magazines.  These materials are suitable for research purposes.




HERC has maintained a list of Local College Classes and Professors who may or may not be friendly to Christians and/or homeschoolers.  This list can only exist if students who have information about these classes contact us with this information so we can pass it on.  We take information about any local college, but our main information seems to be about Bakersfield College. Contact us if you’d like to contribute to or view the list.




HERC is a Home School Legal Defense Association Group Member. HERC members can get a discount ($95 rather than $115) when they join HSLDA.



◊CHEA Support Group Members◊

We are members of the Christian Home Educators Association of California Support Network and support the work of CHEA of California.



◊Family Protection Ministries Supporters◊

This ministry is our legislative watchdog and lobbyist for homeschoolers in California. We encourage every one of our members to join us in its support. When you donate $40 or more, you will receive regular Legislative Updates. HERC’s e-mail chain will periodically send alerts which require involvement to request legislative action, and we urge members to get involved.




HERC is a volunteer-run support organization. Volunteers make the many things that we do to serve the homeschooling community work. If you have a gift or talent and have time to help us please contact us. Some of the things that we need help with are the following:
Library helpers (we will teach you all that you need to know)—we need people to input books into the system, label and shelve the books, and put books where they belong.
Graduation helpers who are willing to serve during the reception, clean up, be at the information table, help in the graduate rooms, be in the VIP room, caring for the Ushers and Flower Girls, help with the Yard sale, etc. If people who do not have graduates will help, the day will be pleasant for the graduate families.
Parent volunteers to help advise and organize clubs and fundraisers.


◊Non-Profit Status for HERC◊

We are a non-profit 501 (3)(c) so when you support HERC you are supporting a Christian non-profit group, and your gifts are tax-deductible.